The currency in Norway is Norwegian kroner (NOK).
1 NOK = 0,11 Euro or 1 Euro =10 NOK.
Norway is a credit card loving country. Master Card or VISA is no problem.

First a reminder for you as follows:

Due to the agenda’s ”Morokulien tour”. Please, check with your individual embassy/authorities regarding crossing the border to Sweden for a short visit during your stay in Norway.
Morokulien radio station is really “on the border” and our dinner that day will take place in Charlottenberg on the Swedish side.
Also check out that your travel insurance is valid in both Norway and Sweden.
September month is usually when the autumn starts. It can be warm, but also a bit chilly. Remember this when packing your suitcase.
Bring along umbrella/rain clothes so you’ll be on the safe side if it rains.

You can use credit card on most places in Norway. But some cash money in Norwegian currency is always good to have. There are ATMs many places and if you fly in on Gardermoen, change into some cash before entering the train to Lillestrøm.

Since we will be on Morokulien on Friday and in the border area, Norwegian crowns can be used on the border and in Charlottenberg if needed.
You are welcome to bring along your 2-meter hand held. We will update you who are coming on the 2-meter repeaters you will be in the vicinity of.
Otherwise Lillestrøm is quite a big city with shops where you can buy things you perhaps forgot leaving home.

Please, contact us if you have any questions.