We meet on MS Trollfjord after settling in our cabins and dinner.  Dinner is included in the tour, but drinks are self-paid. We meet in the saloon to give you more information about the SYLRA meeting.
10. Sept Ålesund – Hjørundfjorden – Ålesund
The ship will have a short stop in Ålesund before continuing inwards Hjørundfjorden. On the way back, the ship makes another stop in Ålesund. Then on
11. Sept Trondheim
We arrive in the morning in Trondheim. The ship can offer a tour of Trondheim with the spectacular cathedral “Nidarosdomen”.
12. Sept Bodø - Crossing Polar Circle
Today after passing Brønnøysund and Rørvik, we cross ”the polarcircle” on 66 degrees/33 minutes north. It marks the border to the arctic. Don’t be surprised if there the crew has arranged something special.
Later same day we spot the Lofotwall in the horizon. If we are lucky, we will catch a glimpse of the Northern Light. If not, there will be a multi-media show “The magical light, Aurora Borealis” shown.
13. Sept

“MS Trollfjord” take some quick stops in Risøyhavn, Harstad and Finnsnes. Then we arrive in Tromsø which is considered the “capital of the arctic”.

14. Sept

Honningsvåg - Nordkapp
We have a short stop in Hammerfest and then on to Havøysund. Then we arrive in Honningsvåg, which is the portal to the famous Nordkapp. Here the ship arranges a tour up to the Nordkapp plateau at 71 degrees, 10 minutes, 21 seconds north, just 2000 km from the geographic North pole.
After we arrive return from Nordkapp (which is the high light of the tour), we have some hours free.

15. Sept

Kirkenes (last stop)
The ship stops in Vardø in the morning before arriving in Kirkenes.


Please, remember on all stops, be on time for departures!


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