The currency in Norway is Norwegian kroner (NOK).
1 NOK = 0,11 Euro or 1 Euro =10 NOK.
Norway is a credit card loving country. Master Card or VISA is no problem.

Clothes you have to have with you regardless of what time of year you travel.

  • Windbreaker/waterproof jacket with hood.
  • Windbreaker/waterproof trouser. Or if you have trousers you can have outside your others.
  • Fleece sweater or jacket
  • Sweater to keep warm
  • Cap which have ear cover.
  • Waterproof mittens/gloves.
  • Sturdy shoes/boots.

Some shoes have a slippery sole without you knowing it, so be sure to test them before the tour.

  • Leave the gala clothes at home. A nice pair of trousers and blouse should do. But bring along swimsuit. There’s a jacuzzi on the upper deck.
  • Shortly after departure from Bergen, there is a general  information meeting regarding the ship. A lot of practical information will be given!
  • In Bergen you can board at 16:00 (4 PM). You might not get your cabin then, but you can leave your baggage in a cloakroom by the reception.
  • You are welcome to bring along your 2 meter. An information regarding the repeaters on the way up will be handed out from us. But use your 2 meter wisely. The crew have probably radio also, but we will check prior to our meeting so our 2 meter radio will not interfere.
  • Regarding HF we will try to put up a rig onboard, but working MM is quite a work to obtain permission. So, time will show.

For more practical information about the trip go into this link;