Dear Yls,


As most of you SYLRA members perhaps know, Norway is the host for the SYLRA meeting in 2019.


Ingrid LA8FOA and Unni LA6RHA who are responsible for the 2019 meeting, have put their heads together to find a venue for next year’s SYLRA meeting which at the same time will show you a part of Norway from a different angle.


Along our beautiful coastline we have a “ferry” which has won the admiration of people, both  locals and tourists. It is called “HURTIGRUTA”. It goes from Bergen all the way up to Kirkenes (not far from the Russian border), and the other way, Kirkenes to Bergen.


We have still not got all the information around this “special” meeting, venue, prices etc. But, we decided to go out with this information anyway, since many of you might already now making plans for next year.


The date for the meeting will be either first or second week of September 2019. We hope as many as possible of our members will be able to participate in this SYLRA meeting.


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LA8FOA Ingrid                        LA6RHA Unni        

+47 458 16 614                                   +47 915 57 887



For more information about Hurtigruta: